Give Them Control

Nothing is more annoying than a pop-up ad or a site taking control of your computer where you suddenly feel hijacked. We like to call that the point where users "bail" or close out of the site and potentially the relationship. Now, that doesn't help either one of you. The user feels like your message was invasive and you have one less potential customer.

Give them control. Let the user decide what they see and how far they want to go through your message. Give them options of downloads and let them tell you how and if they want to be contacted. Don”t throw them the kitchen sink. Keep it simple and relevant. You will be surprised with the results.

Here at VLG, not only do we help you sculpt a message, we also help you segment your message on a personal level. We can serve up content and offers relevant to each user, which makes for a personally tailored experience. We then pass the user information and activity to your sales team which arms them with the knowledge to intelligently nurture that prospect. Let them express their interests and begin to build a meaningful and successful relationship. Give your customer a voice.

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Fun and Games

As marketers in a changing world, we constantly have to be on the lookout for the next innovative way to reach people. Be it getting your newest product into the latest video game, generating some serious viral buzz on YouTube, or sponsoring a made-for-TV movie. Our marketing plans don't look as simple as they did ten years ago.

It can be a little daunting when considering the sheer number of options we have and our very limited budgets. Thankfully, there are resources out there that can help us make the most of it. Take this ebook on the power of “word-of-mouse”. Now, if only finding a Wii was that easy.

Let us know what you think. Sign up to take part in one of our market surveys, and you could win a Wii of your own.

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Hello, My Name is VLG.

With a little growth comes change. We've shortened our name to VLG, because ia una roup just didn't make sense. Please bear with us as we flip-flop between Vialuna and VLG on the phone and in emails. It'll take us a couple months before “VLG” is just automatic. We hope you, like us, appreciate the change to VLG, because VLG appreciates you.

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